countable and uncountable; lavas

lava (countable and uncountable; plural lavas)

  1. The melted rock ejected by a volcano from its top or fissured sides. It flows out in streams sometimes miles or kilometres in length. It also issues from fissures in the earth"s surface, and forms beds covering many square miles, as in the Northwestern United States.
    Note: Lavas are classed, according to their 1) structure, as scoriaceous or cellular, glassy, stony, etc., 2) according to the material of which they consist, as doleritic, trachytic, etc., and 3) according to their form in flows as either aa or pahoehoe.
  2. magma, molten rock within the earth.

4 letters in word "lava": A A L V.

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Words found within lava:

aa aal al ala ava la laa lav

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